In exploring the birdwing mast I’ve also taken a page from the Wright Brothers book, “How we invented the airplane,” by attaching the design to a bicycle.

Laugh if you want but it gave me a direct connection of how it was reacting to the wind that you do not necessarily get with a sailboat. It developed a good amount of power for bicycling under sail at the beach.

I’m currently working to complete the headsail for the birdwing bicycle.

It’s difficult to explain the art of the thing. All I know is that I have thoroughly enjoyed building my curved masts and the boats and bikes on which to test them.

Many times I have trailered my boats thousands of miles to boat shows in order to show off my curved mast design. I’ve had people tell me that they see my mast as a work of art rather than a sailboat mast.

When I launch my boat and step my mast, many times there are people who gather and admire what I’ve done. They seem to appreciate the style, craftsmanship and innovative thinking that went into the design.

There is a distinct style element to this invention that sets it apart and should be featured, developed, publicized and marketed in order to add value to the patent.

photo by Dennis Fagen